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Partners In Power

From planning and design to project development and financial solutions, PGSC connects you to the grid and optimizes your power system in a cost effective and reliable manner.

PGSC provides full services and solutions to oil and gas, industrial, municipalities and generation developers.

From planning and conceptual design to project management and commercial solutions, we’re here to connect you to the grid, optimize your system, and meet all your power system requirements in a cost effective and reliable manner.

We’re true partners in power, every step of the way.

Strategic Planning

A sound strategic plan to ensure safe, reliable and cost effective power supply is critical for the success of your project.

Power Flow Analysis

We specialize in understanding how the grid works so you can make informed business decisions.

Project Development

Given a strategic direction, the next step is to initiate the grid interconnection process.

Due Dilligence

Systematic investigation and examination of various aspects of investment, to assess a project’s viability, risks, and potential.

Powerful Solutions

Connect With PGSC for innovative power solutions.